Travel Certificate

Emergency Travel Certificate (TC) is issued only to a person who is not in possession of Ghana Passport and need to travel to Ghana under an emergency situation. TC is for a single journey to Ghana only, usually valid for three months and ceases to be a valid document upon entry into Ghana.


  1. One (1) fully and clearly completed application form in ENGLISH and in CAPITAL LETTERS;
  2. Evidence of citizenship (Birth Certificate, Expired Ghanaian passport, Voters ID, National Identity Card, etc.);
  3. Two (2) passport-sized photos
  4. An air ticket or proof of flight booking/reservation.
  5. Returned Postage Fee of 150 DKK (If applicable).
  6. Proof of Processing Fee (600 DKK)


Five (5) Working Days

Please note: only Ghanaian nationals can apply for Emergency Travel Document which is valid for a single journey.


1. Applicants who make payments through banks other than Danske Bank should be mindful that it may take a couple of days before the transfer is complete. Please note that the issuance of a bank receipt upon completion of your transfer either by self/by the bank is not a confirmation that the transfer has been successful. This is because some applicants end up transferring into various accounts other than the Embassy’s account.

2. To speed up the processing of the application, applicants are kindly advised to make their payments in person, at the nearest Danske Bank office near them. In addition, they are required to submit their applications with a receipt or transfer advice from the bank. Please do not post cash!!


Payment may be made in Visa Card payable only at the Embassy. The Embassy does NOT accept any currency other than the Danish Kroner.

The Embassy wishes to request all applicants to ensure that the name of the payee corresponds with the name on the application made to the Embassy. Applicants who transfer their fees through another party are to make sure that the said party indicates on whose behalf the transfer was made.


Money transferred from another bank other than  Danske Bank will attract a transfer charge of 50 DKK. Applicants are therefore advised to pay all bank charges to avoid a  shortage in the application fees. Any application with a shortage in the required fees will not be attended to. Please check with your bank to ensure you pay the appropriate fees. The Visa Application fee or receipt of payment must be attached to your application.

Application Fees are NOT REFUNDABLE if the application is unsuccessful.

Completed Application

Completed applications must be submitted to the Embassy either in person or posted to the address below:

Consular Section 

Ghana Embassy

Egebjerg Alle 13

2900 Hellerup


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